Monday, 12 November 2012

Win a free Day of workshop and take part in 100 Spins before Christmas!

Wana Be part of it?

Wherever you are going next, take a spindle with you a spin for 1000 sheep, take a picture and send it to me!
Join forces and we will get there:

Spins so far of Facebook;

1. River Bourne Community Farm
2.Cosy Home, of course.
3. At Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth
4. At Wellington Academy, Tidworth
5. Spinning in Calais with the Mulberry Dyers
6. Queuing for the shuttle on my way back from Calais
7. Spinning in the Shuttle
8.Spinning at the Sarum Airfield, coming back from making 300 bundles and wishes  with Clarendon school children
9. Spinning at Linkenholt Countryside Centre
10. Spinning at the Winchester Gate, public house , Salisbury
11. Spinning at Heathrow Airport, on my way...?
12. Spinning at the Vatican

Follow the next ones on Facebook!

The Best Spin before Christmas will win a free natural dyes workshop!

A few photos to proove it;

Making Maddness!

Here are the next few dates for you to get involved;

Thursday 15th of November 10 to 2.00

Monday 19th of November 19.00 pm onwards ; 
Special MOVEMBER session;" If you can't grow it, come and make it!"(see facebook photo or blog on and make a bundle and help fundraise for Movember;
Held at Winchester Gate pub, Rampart Road

Tuesday 20th of November 10 to 3.00
Wednesday 21st 10 to 3.00
Thursday 22nd 10 to 2.00
Saturday 24th 10 to 3.00
Wednesday 28th 10 to 3.00

I would be grateful if you could email me if you wish to attend , so I can prepare materials accordingly.

Please bring a lunch.
Tea, coffee and biscuits are on me!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wool week follow up!

Wool week has been a crazy time, jumping from one workshop to another...
We have made over 300 bunldes in the Clarendon Junior School, in Tidworth, project supported by the Tidworth Area Board,  and made another 100 in Wellington Academy, Tidworth.
We also managed to create another 20 Bundles with the recovering soldiers of Tedworth House who came to help me at the farm last Monday, as well as manage to wash another load of wool.

Finaly, we have made another 40 today at the farm with another 3 volunteers, to launch our Movember challenge; " Can't Grow it? come and make it!(see photos)

I look forward to see you at the farm during Movember;
Wednesday 7th from 10am  at River Bourne Farm,
Saturday 10th at the River Bourne Farm 10.00am to,
Monday 19th from 7.00pm at the Winchester gate with Yarn It group,

and more dates to be confirmed.
If you have a group of youth or adults motivated to help, please contact me as I can come to you to make many more bundles.