Monday, 12 November 2012

Win a free Day of workshop and take part in 100 Spins before Christmas!

Wana Be part of it?

Wherever you are going next, take a spindle with you a spin for 1000 sheep, take a picture and send it to me!
Join forces and we will get there:

Spins so far of Facebook;

1. River Bourne Community Farm
2.Cosy Home, of course.
3. At Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth
4. At Wellington Academy, Tidworth
5. Spinning in Calais with the Mulberry Dyers
6. Queuing for the shuttle on my way back from Calais
7. Spinning in the Shuttle
8.Spinning at the Sarum Airfield, coming back from making 300 bundles and wishes  with Clarendon school children
9. Spinning at Linkenholt Countryside Centre
10. Spinning at the Winchester Gate, public house , Salisbury
11. Spinning at Heathrow Airport, on my way...?
12. Spinning at the Vatican

Follow the next ones on Facebook!

The Best Spin before Christmas will win a free natural dyes workshop!

A few photos to proove it;

Making Maddness!

Here are the next few dates for you to get involved;

Thursday 15th of November 10 to 2.00

Monday 19th of November 19.00 pm onwards ; 
Special MOVEMBER session;" If you can't grow it, come and make it!"(see facebook photo or blog on and make a bundle and help fundraise for Movember;
Held at Winchester Gate pub, Rampart Road

Tuesday 20th of November 10 to 3.00
Wednesday 21st 10 to 3.00
Thursday 22nd 10 to 2.00
Saturday 24th 10 to 3.00
Wednesday 28th 10 to 3.00

I would be grateful if you could email me if you wish to attend , so I can prepare materials accordingly.

Please bring a lunch.
Tea, coffee and biscuits are on me!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wool week follow up!

Wool week has been a crazy time, jumping from one workshop to another...
We have made over 300 bunldes in the Clarendon Junior School, in Tidworth, project supported by the Tidworth Area Board,  and made another 100 in Wellington Academy, Tidworth.
We also managed to create another 20 Bundles with the recovering soldiers of Tedworth House who came to help me at the farm last Monday, as well as manage to wash another load of wool.

Finaly, we have made another 40 today at the farm with another 3 volunteers, to launch our Movember challenge; " Can't Grow it? come and make it!(see photos)

I look forward to see you at the farm during Movember;
Wednesday 7th from 10am  at River Bourne Farm,
Saturday 10th at the River Bourne Farm 10.00am to,
Monday 19th from 7.00pm at the Winchester gate with Yarn It group,

and more dates to be confirmed.
If you have a group of youth or adults motivated to help, please contact me as I can come to you to make many more bundles.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wool Week Challenge.

Wool Week has come fast and I would like to share with you all the events I will be taking part in in order to progress in the making of 1000 sheep.

In preparation to Wool Week, I have travelled to Calais to work with Debbie Bramford from the Mulberry Dyers; In a couple of days, we madder dyed more than 25kg of wool (half of the total wool needed) in her gorgeous Self created  Dye House.
 (see images)

Wool Week Events;
Monday 15th of October, I will be running a full day of natural dye workshop in Clarendon School, Thanks to the support of Tidworth Area Board.
I will then return to the school on the Wednesday 17th to make 300 bundles of tied up wool with all the children of the school. The bundles will include wishes, thoughts, prayers...from the children.

Tuesday 16th of October
Drop in spinning workshop at the Craft Club, Salisbury Arts Centre; Come and learn to spin and make part of the 1000 sheep installation with me.
Drop spindles and wool provided.

Thursday 18th of october

Craft Party
Come and dye, spin and shape with me at the River Bourne Community Farm.
10.00am to 2.00pm(bring lunch) call me on 07870536303.

100 odd places to spin!

Join me in the 100 odd places to spin challenge.
As part of 1000 sheep, I will be creating events and spontaneous spinning moments before Christmas.
If you wish to join me, send me your spinning pictures on the blog, on email, on Facebook, on Twitter...
The best location will win a free space on a natural dye workshop in January.
SPREAD the word!!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spinning workshop coming soon!

Yarn it event;
Learn to spin wool from fleece and hear about the history of wool in Wiltshire, plus hear about Laurence's current art project, 'a Thousand Sheep'. 

Workshop is FREE, however, you will have to spin wool! ;)

hand spindle and wool  provided for the event. 
All spun wool will become part of a large contemporary artwork.
Buy a DIY kit and make your own to take home.

Winchester Gate Pub, Rampart Road, Salisbury

19.00 to 9.00

Monday, 3 September 2012

Spark your Art
After school Art Club
Arts Award scheme

 at River Bourne Community Farm, Laverstock, Salisbury
                  With Artist in Residence Laurence DubĂ©-Rushby
And her art project: “A Thousand Sheep

September 26th to December
Weekly sessions, Wednesdays 5.00pm to 7.00pm
(+ extra 5 full days during half term and Saturdays in order to complete the Arts Awards, dates  TBC)

Two age groups; 11 to 14 and 15 to 18

Cost £5/session or £16/day (possible funding, call for details)
(£ 50 payable for the 10 after school sessions in advance)
Full days payable as per booking.
PS; you will need to do the full days to complete the award)

Take your Bronze or Silver  Arts Award!
(could lead to Gold on following term)

·        Be part of a real visual art project+ gain National Qualification
·        Experience daily work with professional artist
Discover life at the farm
·        Be inspired by natural resources to create your own art
·        Discover Textile art skills and your local history
·        See live Art event
·        Design an advertising campaign for the project
·        Create your own portfolio

Book Now !
Call Laurence 0n 01722 340161

More information about Arts Awards at

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Art of Natural Dyes with Laurence Rushby

Plain Arts Workshop:
The Art of Natural Dyes with Laurence Rushby
Riverbourne Community Farm, Cow Lane, Laverstock, Salisbury, SP1 2SR
Wednesday 18th July, 6-8pm
  • Experiment with natural dyes including madder red, indigo blue, golden yellows... (on cotton and wool and bring silk if you wish to try it)
  • Learn to use your local natural resources
  • Create patterns with tie and dye techniques
  • Find out about Laurence Dube-Rushby's residency at the Community Farm and her Installation; " A Thousand Sheep"
  • Get Involved in the project
  • Learn about history of textiles in Wiltshire

 Laurence Dube-Rushby Installation Art

Plain Arts Members £10; non-members £14
Book through Plain Arts:
Charlotte Moreton
PLAIN ARTS Co-ordinator
07961 689159

Monday, 2 July 2012

Spark your Art

Holiday Art Camp with Arts Awards

At River Bourne Community Farm, Laverstock, Salisbury
July 30th to August 10th
10.00am to 3.00pm, 5 days/week
age 11 to 14 and 15 to 18

Cost £16/day(possible funding available, please call for details)
Bring packed lunch, drinks and all your ideas

Complete two weeks and take your Bronze or Silver Arts Award
  • Be part of real art project and gain a nationaly recognised qualification
  • Experience daily work with a professional artist
  • Discover life at the farm
  • Be inspired by natural resources to create your own art
  • Learn textile art skills and your local history
  • See live art events
  • Design an advertising campaign for the project
  • Create your own protfolio
Book Now!
Call Laurence at 01722 340161 or email at
visit the website and

Monday, 11 June 2012

A Thousand Sheep revealed!

I need to post this today as I am approximatly one year away from launch time at the Salisbury Arts Centre.

It is strange to post an image of the work as it could be when finished but I thought it is now time to move on with the making;
I will be at the farm Mondays and wednesdays from now on, washing fleece, dyeing and creating the bundles.
I will need lots of hands, good will and hardworking people who wish to learn, share skills, spend some time in the fresh air and have a passion for donkeys(after sharing the field with sheep for a year, I am going to be sharing my studio with two retiring donkeys! It doesn't get better than that!)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Time to catch up on Winter events and updates for 1000 sheep!

The blog has been asleep for a while as Winter kept me busy with fundraising and event planning; We are currently trying to expand the  participation in the project with new school projects for the Autumn, adult and youth workshops and even an Arts Awards Scheme coming up for the summer.
The installation is building up as well, as we are preparing for a full season of fleece washing and outdoor dyeing days.
All specific dates for each event will be published soon so watch out!
In the meantime, I wanted to post a few of the winter events that have been running in the quiet and cold.
 I left the shed and field for the cold winter and the lambing season and set up a studio space in the long barn, in the farm yard. This move has  made me a part of the daily life of the farm yard and has brought many visitors to the project, wether I was in or out, people could see the displayed results of my experiments as they unfolded.

A february Half term workshop has revived the project at in the field for a moment; just on time to add a few wishes to the tree and revisit the shed before the first lambs were born.

I have been running an open spinning workshop on wednesdays, since December, inviting members of the public to come and learn to spin, card, drink tea and have a good chat, exchange ideas, news, tips...The group has been spinning all winter for a thousand sheep. we are still going  strong and are adding up yarn length for the project.

I brought MotivArt group at the farm; a group of adults artists with learning disabilities, to share my project and share the farm life with them.

I have also had many other visitors who are closely watching the project in view of further collaboration;
Adrian Green, Director of Salsibury and Wiltshire Museum, Benoit Sicat, artist and performer from 1 rue de Plaisance, art project in France, The group of young carers with the Salsibury International Arts Festival project and of course many schools visiting the farm.

I look forward to seeing you all at thw Farm open day and will be posting new dates for adult workshops coming soon in June.

A few images from the winter events

A few more Wishes
February Half Term workshop
MotivArt group visit and workshop
Spinning for a Thousand |Sheep
My studio space in the Long Barn

Monday, 21 May 2012


Open Farm Sunday event on 17th June 10am - 5pm

I will be demonstrating Carding, spinning and madder dyeing throughout the day.

This is an opportunity to come and view the project half way.You can still get involved so come for a chat of for a look.

I will also show the development and outcome  of a school project done this year at Coombe Bisset primary school .

At the Farm!

Planning is already in hand to ensure that there will be lots to do and see on the day. Plenty of exhibitors, live music, demonstrations and of course, locally produced food to try and buy.
We value the support that we receive from the local community and in exchange, both entrance and car parking will be free.
Make a note in your diaries for what promises to be a great day.



You can also try your hands at spinning for 

"A Thousand Sheep", 

every Wednesday 

at the farm 6.00 to 8.00pm )

We are Back!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Half Term workshop at the Farm!

Wool Craft and felting workshop
with resident artist
Laurence Dube-Rushby

age 6 to 12

at River Bourne Community Farm
Thursday 16th of february, 2.00 to 4.00pm

Cost; £10
(Please bring a snack and drink.)

Learn about the history of wool in Wiltshire and learn to card, spin and create a piece of felt from local sheep wool! (during break we will look around the farm yard and visit the piglets, goats, chicken...)

Laurence Dube-Rushby
Installation Art
Tel:01722 340 161

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Free Spinning Workshops!

I am inviting all adults and youth who would like to learn to spin, or share their knoweldge on spinning and carding, to come and join me at the River Bourne Community Farm's long barn, every Wednesday evening.

Come and learn new skills, chat, have tea and discover more about the project.
All spun wool will be used in the project.

Hand spindles available
Please bring your wheel or carding machine if you have one.

Starting January 18th
6.00pm to 8.00pm

Please let us know if you are coming on 01722 330 667

Look forward to see you there.