Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Baa... Baa 1000
and  the River Bourne Community Farm
a series of participatory art events

Starting with a drawing competition

"Please, draw me a sheep!”


Following from the success of Laurence Dubé-Rushbys Installation,
A Thousand Sheep, we invite primary and secondary school children from age 7 to 18, to take part in a drawing competition to design a logo for a follow-up program of sheep art participatory events, Baa...Baa...1000.

The making of the 1000 bundles of red dyed wool by more than 800 volunteers including children from the Clarendon Junior School, the Wellington Academy and the Godolphin school culminated in the first hanging of the work at Bridport Arts Centre during March 2013. The exhibition was highly acclaimed by the public (see photograph above). The piece will come to Salisbury Arts Centre from the 24th of May to 30th of June for a home coming exhibition. All participants and their families will be invited to a day of celebration with workshops, picnic and sheep related activities!

Note to Teachers; It’s easy to enter so don’t miss out!
To register children from your class, just fill in this form and email back to Laurence on info@laurencerushbyart.co.uk.  Registration deadline; 18th of April.

Format; A6/ postcard size white or black card or paper cut neatly.
The children are invited to draw a sheep or a flock of sheep, that would best represent Laurence‘s art project. They can get inspiration from the photographs on this form or by researching sheep photos online. They can also visit Laurence’s project blog for an overview of the project. http://athousandsheep.blogspot.co.uk
(The text will be added at the end so should not appear on the drawing)
Time; the drawings can be done in 15 minutes at beginning of the class as they should not be elaborate but rather spontaneous and fun. The drawings will be judged on originality, relevance to the project and cuteness so no need to worry about the age range of the participants.

Entry deadline: Please send your entries by post to Baa..Baa...1000, c/o River Bourne Community Farm, Cow Lane, Laverstock, SP1 2SR, or drop them there in an envelope   by May 1st.
Panel; a panel made of artists including Laurence, art teachers and gallery curators (names to be confirmed) will select a winner from each category; primary and secondary. Display; All entries will be displayed during the Picnic Launch event of
 “ A Thousand Sheep” exhibition,  in the Salisbury Arts centre grounds,
 June 1st, 11.30am to 2.00pm, as part of the Ageas Salisbury International Arts    
Prize: the two winners will receive a £15 voucher each for our Salisbury art material supplier “The Compleat Artist”. They will also receive a  T-shirt with their design printed on as a logo. The T- shirts will be for sale at low cost during the Launch event. (All profits will be used to create further events for the project).

Supported by;
Salisbury Arts Centre
River Bourne Community Farm
Wiltshire Extended services
Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival






Teachers  entry form;
School name;
Teacher’s name:
Number of children entering;
Age of children;
Contact email;

Please email back to info@laurencerushbyart.co.uk

Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Thousand Sheep exhibition on!

The Installation is now on display at the Bridport Arts Centre Untill March 31st.

I will be doing a talk on the work on Saturday March 16th, 2.00pm.

look forward to seeing you there.

A Thousand Sheep

Textile Installation

By Laurence Dube-Rushby