Monday, 4 July 2011

Fleece washing days and volunteers!

Great day at the farm today!
A team of volunteers is starting to build up and the project is moving forward.
After a long day of work in the field, I just wanted to add a few dates to the calendar;

Tuesday 6th, I am sorry, I will not be at the shed as I am moving out of my studio.
I will be back there on the following days.If you wish to come and help, you can post your times and dates on the blog so we can all start to organise a rota. If you are not sure, you can call me on 07870536303.
Thursday7th, from 10.00
Friday 8th from 10.00
Saturday 9th; Don't forget Dyeing with plants adult workshop! 10am to 4.00pm, £55 with Buy one get one free offer.
Monday 11th from 9.00
Look forward to see you there.
PS always call in at farm office to mention you are in when coming to volunteer.(Thanks)


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  3. I can come next monday!

  4. Great I will be there from 9.00. If rain is too hard we might rethink but good closing can goes a long way!
    see you Monday!