Tuesday, 2 August 2011

At the shed this week!

I brought the sun back from France and we have been working on our sun tan this week whilst washing fleece and sorting out the field.
I am currently working on a new plan to clear the space and improve access and health and safety as well as presentation; I hope to start to operate in a bran new setting from september onwards.
In the meantime, if you have a bit of spare time, come and enjoy the sun with us on the following dates.(we now have tea, coffee and cakes on each of the washing days).
I would like to send out a special call to spinners and knitters who are desperately needed for the development of the work. Please email me, call me, pop in ....
Further dates;

Thursday 4 August, 10 to 12.00am for clearing up of field and barn
Friday 5th of August for fleece washing 10 to 4.00pm
Monday 8 August 9.30 to 12.00(and maybe longer if volunteers help while I go teaching)

Please call or email if you can make these dates.If not , please send your available dates and times.

We only need to do another 12 days of fleece washing during september and we will reach the amount needed for the work so well done to all helpers so far.
I will be off work from 11 to 26 of August but will be back for more dates in September.

All to come in September;
New set up in the field, a wishing tree, a wine and chat evening for all interested volunteers and a teacher taster day for school projects.

See you at the shed!

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