Monday, 18 February 2013

Last Bundle making this week!

On Wednesday 20th of february, Laurence Rushby and her team of volunteers at the River Bourne Community Farm will/ complete/ have completed(for post event publication) the making of 1000 bundles of red wool dyed with madder plant to be part of a large Art Installation ; «  A Thousand Sheep ».
Ben Parker, Farm chairman and director will  make the last piece.
The project has run at the River Bourne Community Farm for the past 3 years and will come to complition when Ben makes the last piece on Wednesday.

“A Thousand Sheep” art project has created much interest and involvement in the community;
  • Over 10000 visitors of which 1800 school children
  • 700 school children involved in the making, 85% of which were from army’s families(from Coombe Bisset school, Clarendon Junior school, Wellington Academy and Godolphin school.)
  • 150 adult and youth volunteers of which 50 art students
  • over 80  local, national and international artists were involved in discussions and making of the pieces.
  • 20 recovering soldiers from Tedworth House
  • 8 local organisations
  • 6 work experience
  • 5 farmers
  • 4 local businesses
  • 1 film maker

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