Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Baa Baa 1000 drawing competition results!

Dear All,

We have had over 600 wonderful entries for the competition and would like to thank you all for your contribution.

The panel met at the River Bourne Community Farm on the  16th of May ;

We were delighted to welcome Kristina Stephenson ( children book writer and illustrator),  Sophie Aldous (T- Shirt designer), Anne-Marie Marshall (ceramic animals and animal life drawing) and Laurence Dube-Rushby ( site specific environmental  art) as the judges.

The drawings were absolutely brilliant and full of imagination. It was very hard to select only two winners.

We have looked for the design that would suit best the dynamic and fun of the art project as well as  the one colour printing method that we required.

We would like to congratulate 
Derrie Mc Keowen from Coombe Bisset School, ASh Class for winning the first 
prize for Primary school entries

and Louis Beatty from the Wellington Academy for wining first prize of Secondary school entries.

Both winners will receive a £15 voucher for the Compleat Artist, art material shop in Salisbury.
The prizes will be given on the 1000 Sheep Picnic Launch of the 1st of June, where all entries will be exhibited.
Please find attached the two winning designs ready for our logo.
(please let us know if they can attend the day by calling 07870536303.)

We would like to announce as well that we have selected a few runners up who came very close to winning. These will be displayed next to the winners on the day.

Primary school;

  • Isabel Penwarden, Fir Class,  Coombe Bisset School
  • Elizabeth Pandas, Clarendon Junior School
Secondary School;
  • Ellie-May Tucker, 7 MED
  • Alisa Mc Dougall, Matravers School

We were so touched by the beauty and poetry of the entries that we also decided to put forward a few Highly Commended artists. These are drawings that were selected for being outstanding.

Highly Commended artists;

  • Wendy, Doves class from St Martin's School
  • Noor Nobi, Sparrow class, St Martin's School
  • Charlie Love, 
  • Jordan K, Robins class, St Martin's school
  • Amy-Louise,Mrs Woodward's class,  St Andrew's School
  • Katie Beaven, class 5 St Andrew's 
  • Elliot Rushby, Class 3 , St Andrew's School
  • Hollie Hawthorn, St Andrew's school
  • Harry Underwood-Sims, class 3, St Andrew's school
Most of all we would like to encourage all participants to continue to express life through drawing in many ways and stretch their imagination beyond the limits of a competition.

Best Wishes

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