Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Monday 11th of April

7.30 am on site to test how long the water will take to warm up.

I light my first fire with the rpint of my first rejected arts council application for the project; kind of satisfying!(I kept a digital copy for record)

I have now swaped my town shoes for a pair of wellies which will stay at the farm(a new shoe rack will be organised soon for volunteers and me)

The amazing aspect of the project is to be integrated to another project at such an early stage; the education part of the farm is currently in the shaping and there is great potential in being there now.

Even the fire for the bath water becomes a way to clear the site of pallets and branches.

The sheep have come back to the next door field so I can see them form the shed. They are the life behind the project after all and it feels great having their company when I am on site.

8.00am, dog walker and artist David Podger comes to visit.

The rest of the day goes smoothly from heating up one bath and the other, transfering sheep fleece from detergent water to clean water(Thank you Ecover! to make sure i am not spoiling the field).

It is all about testing the reaction of the wool in hot water, seeing how to transport it best and then adapting the process, plan the right tools for the right job....

Volunteers and staff provide me with many ideas on the way.

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