Thursday, 9 June 2011

Open Farm Sunday, 12th of June, River Bourne Community Farm!

Here it is! Time for the biggest day of the year for the farm and we all have been working flat out to get everything ready!

I will have a drop in workshop, prints and postcards for sale, a planner for workshops and hands on days, and more infromation and updates on the progres.
If you wish to volunteer to take part in the project, This is the time now!

Help is now coming my way and I am feeling a lot more positive about the project;
From doing my Free Cycle request for me to assisting during workshops and prep, people are starting to show interest.

I will publish a planner of hands on days on this blog from next week onwards so we can start getting some proper work done.
Watch this space for new dates to come and wash some fleece, plant madder and dye with madder, and a lot more workshops to brush up your skills or entertain your kids for the summer.

Don't forget to post your comments here or on facebook, email, text...

Look forward to to see you all on Sunday.

Soon on the blog: discover our new range of home made Tee-Shirts; each volunteer will get to make their own!

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